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Inventio!Brains Chat: HEAL 

Inventio!Brains Chat: HEAL spotlights new "spatial technologies" -- VR and Robotics -- making their way into clinical research and health care settings with AI researchers from social robotics and VR reality game design in honor of Veteran's Day.

Our Guests: Dr. Ross Mead of Semio and Dr. Daniel Shapiro of DeepStreamVR. Our Hosts, Nels Long and M A Greenstein aka "Dr. G" moderated this eclectic 'think tank meets cocktail party' chat immersion.

We discussed new tech, VR, Robotics in healing the body. We learned, laughed, and even discovered the current World Record for "Pumpkin Chucking" (Answer: 5,545.42 feet ... and now you know that too).

... Oh, and there was yummy snacks and cocktails to get everyone including our guests relaxed and witty.

Inventio!Brains Chat: RotoLab 

Salute to GGI as we celebrate our 5th Anniversary as well as the 1-Year Anniversary of Inventio!Brain Chats at the awesome Rotolab.

The Inventio!Brains Chat are once a month salon-style discussions with researchers in neuroscience, bio-ethics, bio-engineering, urban youth education research, architecture and the performing arts.

The Inventio!Brains Prize is a GGI Advocacy Initiative . . .

We aim to incentivize arts and neuroscience research conducted by today’s youth.

The Inventio!Brains Prize is a cash prize awarded to collaborative teams of budding architects, media artists, neuroscientists and technologists to innovate in brain / mind research.

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