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Mailon Rivera is an actor, producer, creative designer, philanthropist, at-risk adult advocate, and founder of Urban Alchemy 360º... READ MORE

Social Media: @urbanalchemy360
email: mr@urbanalchemy360.com

Distinguished by his deep, resonant and mellifluous voice, Mailon has appeared in over 40+ top-rated television programs, deftly crossing genres (NCIS, CSI:MIAMI, THE SHIELD) appearing on BET, NBC and HBO to just about every television network in between. He has produced and appeared in independent films, voiced dozens of audio projects, booked national commercials and performed in several well received live theater works.

This New York City native's journey however, began as a former foster child and welfare baby. He grew as a reluctant street kid, lifelong B-Boy, yet intensely civic-minded teen and bloomed into an autodidactic, polymathic adult and influential Cultural Creative.

Never forgetting his roots and the promises made to his mentors, elders and guiding spirits, Mailon has put his vision in motion to invest, develop and produce lasting opportunities for others through a new paradigm of business and philanthropy.

"UA360" originally began by Mailon as a private creative outlet to deal with personal loss, by helping friends (and more than a few complete strangers) achieve small life goals or assist behind the scenes on special projects. He began quietly gifting resources, talents, skills and other small acts of "anonymous good" towards that end.

Initially fully self-funded with the help of donations from friends, this idealistic vision of a barefoot "Urban Alchemist" has since expanded to become a multi-faceted idea, creative and production house currently disrupting old philanthropy and business models.

Mr. Rivera currently serves on the Board of Directors of the MAKE A FILM FOUNDATION, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to granting film wishes to children and teens living with life threatening illnessess by teaming with film industry professionals, the Board of Directors for the GEORGE GREENSTEIN INSTITUTE, an R&D lab and Applied Neuroscience think-tank based in Los Angeles, CA., and is the current Co-Managing Director of THE COALITION 4 GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY.

Aside from private client, design and development, on-camera and television work, Mr. Mailon Rivera's recent projects have included producing and co-hosting programs for WBAI-FM in NYC, developing the community-oriented original Live On-Stage series, 8 MILLION STORIES, Co-star and Executive Producer of the feature film LUCIANA, as well as other projects in various phases of development.

Mr. Rivera divides his time between Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY - a funky little planet where he feels comfortable in his skin.

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