We are independent hands-on creative producers and agents of change who collaborate with other highly effective creatives and entrepreneurs to develop new business, programming, events and positive content in various mediums. 

We do what we love. Some of our best work is done in secret. We love humans and animals. We still drop "F" bombs (from time to time). We are professional prize winners and manifestors of good things.

We are highly selective. We accept new clients and projects by referral only.


We are currently based out of New York City and Los Angeles, with partnered "Alchemists" in San Diego, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and London, UK.

We are located where those who have made it their mission to improve the human condition through their efforts are. One day, we hope to have "Urban Alchemists" in every major city in the USA and abroad.

Blue Ribbon Ambassador


We dig big-hearted and big brained people who share our passion for LIFE over lifestyle. We are into culture creation, film, the arts, applied neuroscience, literacy, self-improvement, financial intelligence, investing and innovating life technologies.

We support second chances and the betterment of the human condition. We laugh a lot. We've been through hell, kicked ass and brought back a souvenir cup and a hoodie. 

We are a curious collective of conspirators, collaborators 
and agents of change.


Do you want to be a part of something bigger and lend your talents to awesome causes and people? Let us know more about your cool self (It's okay to brag... but please don't bullshit us). 

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Email: hello@urbanalchemy360.com
Phone: +1 (323) 387 3188 
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