We are independent hands-on creative producers and agents of change who collaborate with other highly effective creatives and entrepreneurs to develop new business, programming, events and positive content in various mediums with a focus on inventive collaborations for social good. We advocate Enterprise supported financial wellness.

We are highly selective. We accept new clients/projects by refferal only.

We do what we love. Some of our best work is done in secret. We love humans and animals. We still drop "F" bombs (from time to time). We are professional prize winners and manifestors of good things. 


We dig big-hearted and big brained people who share our passion for LIFE over lifestyle. We are into culture creation, film, the arts, applied neuroscience, literacy, self-improvement, financial intelligence, investing and innovating life technologies.

We support second chances and the betterment of the human condition.

We laugh alot because we've been through hell, kicked ass and brought back a souvenir cup and a hoodie. We will battle the bad guys, bully your bullies and show you how good life can be when you're serving your vision. 


We are currently based out of New York City and Los Angeles with partnered Alchemists in San Diego, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, and London, UK., who have made it their mission to improve the human condition through their efforts.

One day, we hope to have Urban Alchemists in every major city in the USA and abroad.


So far, we've served...


Social Enterprises & Emerging Businesses

From Neuroscience Thinktanks to music, filmmakers and "Fairy Godmothers", we're the rocket fuel for people who want to produce a positive impact on society for the next 100 years.


Awesome Entrepreneurs

We're highly selective and won't work with just anyone. The people we assist are Do'ers not talkers selected for their heartprint, business viability and willingness to reinvest in themselves and others.


Non-profit Organizations

It's an honor to provide services to assist NPO's in bridging their tech and media gaps, allowing them to focus on increasing their social impact.


Dreams Launched

Because we believe you have something to contribute to this world. We're just here to give you a hug, a plan and a swift kick in the ass.

Dreams into ACTION!


Do you want to be a part of something bigger and lend your talents to awesome causes and people? Let us know more about your cool self (It's okay to brag... but please don't bullshit us). 


"Help 10 people [you believe in] get their sh*t together and you'll have done your job as a beneficial presence on this Planet." - Uncle Tito

UA360º originally manifested as a creative outlet following a period of tragic personal loss and in rememberence of some simple loving advise.

We began this journey as barefoot alchemists helping friends (and more than a few complete strangers) achieve small LIFE goals or assisting behind the scenes on special positive projects. We began to quietly gather allies, resources, talents, skills and began committing small acts of "anonymous good" to help bring great ideas into reality, develop job opportunities, and breath life into dark places.

Initially self-funded with the help of donations from friends and social media family, this idealistic vision of of "Doing Good" as way of business has since expanded out to multiple cities in the US, becoming a multi-faceted creative/production and business development house currently disrupting old philanthropy and business models.

*(em)powered with ❤️ ...

Snail Mail

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Email: hello@urbanalchemy360.com
Phone: +1 (323) 387 3188 
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